Laser cutting materialAlthough the fiber laser cutting machine has been able to be used in cutting various materials since its birth, it is still less used in cutting copper materials. In recent years, the application in cutting copper products is gradually being popularized. More and more customers need to cut copper products. For the cutting of copper products, many workers have many problems with the specific operation and parameter adjustment of the fiber laser cutting machine. Cutting is not only using the machine to cut but also needs some experience. Here we come for you to introduce the specific metal laser cutting machine on how to cut copper material.

High reflective metal materials have always been difficult to cut by fiber laser cutting machine, including copper, aluminum, gold, and other metal materials, these materials are also more common in our daily processing materials. It is an important problem for many metal laser cutting machine manufacturers to solve the problem of cutting high reflective materials.

Why does auxiliary gas need to be added to cut high reflective metal material? When fiber laser cutting machine cuts copper metal, the added auxiliary gas reacts with the material in the high-temperature condition, increases the cutting speed, for example, the use of oxygen can achieve the combustion effect. Nitrogen for laser cutting equipment is to improve the cutting effect of auxiliary gas, for less than 1MM copper materials, the use of metal laser cutting machine is completely available for processing.

So in the use of fiber laser cutting machine, do not worry about whether you can cut, this time should pay attention to the processing effect, so nitrogen as an auxiliary gas is the best. When the thickness of copper reaches 2MM, then the use of nitrogen can not be processed, at this time, it is necessary to add oxygen, oxidation, in order to achieve cutting.

Through the above explanation, you should know how fiber laser cutting machine cut copper material, in fact, when we are cutting, the focus is not on whether we can cut the material, how much to cut in an hour, it’s about the precision of the cutting. How to control the cutting precision of the fiber laser cutting machine is the most important.

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