It can be said that import agents offer professionals foreign trade with products. The import agent will ensure the safe and budget supply chain.

An import agent’s principal duties include –

  • Safe transport of goods/products
  • Collection of payment
  • Act with third parties

China Import Agent

Without a question, you can buy cheap goods (such as clothing, toys, shoes, appliances, and other items) and you can make a profit by reselling them.

Importing/exporting is not that simple when it occurs at an international stage, particularly for a new individual. But all these items are quick and easy for a China sourcing agent who is an expert in business affairs.

China’s import agents are experts who import and sell bulk goods to consumers worldwide. The Chinese importers will assist you in the selection and analysis and quality management of the goods.

Agents help you find goods at an incredibly low cost. They have a great market sense. Also, know well where goods can be purchased at a cheap price. They will also work to offer discounts and save consumer’s capital.

Import Agents In China And Why They Need?

The stability of all nations includes multinational business. As one country/region has to deliver products/goods which other countries/regions need. As a result of technical development, foreign trade has become more accessible, rewarding and efficient.

On the opposite, there is still a chance of fraud. You know the players, so you have to move in the commercial path. Besides, the beginner in this sector has no idea how to sell and make a profit.

The Chinese importer tests the stock standard addresses the transport facilities and delivers all the product to you safely.

It is also a key step for you to employ an import agent who can help you run your business. China, an import-export dealer, is always able to lead you around the Chinese supplier’s import/export trade.

It isn’t that easy, and many difficulties with purchasing goods and shipping and other policies can be found.

So you need an agent to buy goods and export products for your business.

Is It Necessary To Have An Import License To Buy Goods From China?

If you want to export from China, the export license is required. The Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation of China issued this to the businesses. And nearly every trading company has its import license.

However, if Chinese companies are to sell goods outside of China, these export permits are required.⠀ The international buyers need not receive an import licence.

In the past, for many reasons such as paperwork and its prices, it was not mandatory to hold an export permit. But things have changed now and consumers tend to treat licensed ones.

Since licences guarantee a contract, there is less chance to deal with the foreign market if you don’t have a licence.

What Document Requires While Importing From China?

Before beginning your business with China, you need to complete those formalities and documentation. The required documents must be compiled and delivered to the customer.

The list of documents which vary depending on the country, but the required documents for foreign trade are as follows.

Commercial Invoice

The exporter issued it. It is used to get the custom claim. The export of products on an international basis is much like a permit.

If an issue occurs, the products can be withheld so you can experience significant losses as the commercial invoice is controlled by the custom.

Bill of Lading (B/L, BOL)

The shipping company Issue it. Details of containers, names and carriers are included in the bill of lading. It is used as customs evidence.

The seller may still use it to carry out the payment document. The customer will cancel the deal for it.

Air Waybill (AWB)

The airline provided Air Bills of lading which is seen as evidence of goods being shipped. Air waybill has a serial number for locating the delivery.

Packing List (Waybill, Shipping List)

The shipping company will have it. The packaging list provides the specifics of the delivered items. It also provides information about the packaging which can be used by everyone to know the element of the material in the packages.

Pro Forma Invoice

The supplier prepares this document. It involves shipping information including different goods, their specifications and the final cost in particular.

Certificate of Origin

The exporter issues this certification. It is evident that in a given country all shipping goods are made.

This paper specifies where the goods were manufactured and indicate that the products were shipped after a contract.

Cites Permit

This paper is issued from the national CITES control bodies. This certificate is necessary to show that the items have been imported after the international wildlife protection regulations have been approved.

You will have to get a CITES permit when you import some commodity from the Cities list. Otherwise, you may seize all the goods.

Import/Export Declaration

The importer/exporter issues the document. That is a list of items for imports and exports that the transport company needs. Depending on the individual office, the import/export declaration can differ.

CE Certificate

The certified organizations may receive a CE Certificate and the list is accessible online. In both instances, this paper is not appropriate.

Often the manufacturer may also explain goods, but quality management protocols are required in certain cases.

Single Administrative Document (SAD)

The importer drafts this paper. You will find this type on the web. A custom statement in different countries, such as Europe, Norway, Switzerland and Iceland, includes the only administrative text.

Fumigation Certificate

This certificate can be received from your own country’s custom. All edible products, for example, cereals, pulse, olive oilseeds, vegetables and wood packings, were disinfected.

The inspection and quarantine of the PRC are performed in China. Fumigation is a significant process to eliminate insects and other insects from food products.

How To Import Goods From China In 2021?

Find The Best Seller

You have to try to order the products from a respected firm. You should follow supplier reviews to obtain a reliable supplier.

You must ensure that the product can be exported from China. Besides, you must clarify that the Chinese government will not require any permits. If the seller has been chosen, proceed to the next stage.

Order From The China Factory

You may order from the Chinese company or manufacturer after choosing your favourite items. The Chinese import agent will allow you to ensure the quality of your goods at the end of production.

Shipping Of Products

Select cargo mode, either sea or air. The delivery of goods is dependent on speed and volume, two very important factors.

Air cargo is a little expensive, but it is going to carry the product on time.

Shipping, on the other hand, is commercial, but the shipping of the goods can take more than scheduled. Besides this will also limit your options in terms of volume and weight. You must consider carefully, taking all the factors in mind.


You are responsible for any problem at this point. So make sure every box has a box size, net weight and gross weight and a country where it was held on top of every box. Since you would be willing to reach the business following custom clarification.

Delivery Of Goods To The Storage

After the customs clearance, all items must be moved into the warehouse where they can be delivered to the marketplace. You can now resell and profit from your goods.