Each manufacture must meet consumer demands.

The manufacturer should comply with the customer’s requirements. Quality management parameters are used to ensure that consumers receive what they order. These parameters are designed to ensure a product’s manufacturing that is fiscally stable and efficient.

The main aim of quality control is to fulfil the consumer demands for the product.

What is China Quality Control?

The quality of the products must be evaluated when they are received from China. Branding is also under quality control. It helps also to manufacture products of high quality which can compete in the marketplace.

For consumers, the checklist of quality management must be pre-listed. The manufacturer would therefore be able to produce the products initially according to the set parameters. These customer specified requirements must be met and exceeded by manufacturing.

Besides, the criteria for quality control will also be based on ethical principles for manufacturing. It should be pointed out that QC quality management and QA quality assurance are two different things.

QC is more product-driven while QA is more process-driven. QC guarantees that production outcomes meet pre-production requirements. QA guarantees that all steps needed to ensure QC requirements have been taken.

Quality control is a manufacturing principle. Quality assurance means that procedures that ensure QC requirements are applied. Initial assessment of manufacturing processes is the main objective of quality control.

Besides, QC sets parameters that ensure reliable, satisfactory and cost-effective production. QA guarantees that the manufacturing company complies entirely with QC standards.

Quality Control Process in China

The following steps are taken in the China Quality Control process –

Pre-Production Inspections

This is the step to be taken even before manufacturing. You must check them carefully once you have found a manufacturer that you think will satisfy your requirements.

This is necessary to make sure the company meets the specifications. Requirements like –

  • Suitable machinery and equipment
  • Along with quality improvement activities
  • Professional workers, and so on

Furthermore, you cannot decide based on the website to hire the supplier. The true scenario of manufacturing is very different from real-time manufacturing. Therefore, your first visit to the company is essential.

This inspection is always important to learn what the manufacturing company uses raw materials. Many manufacturers are using poor quality materials to cut production corners. That is why many raw materials are acquired throughout inspections before manufacturing.

Online Inspections

During the manufacturing processes, these inspections are carried out to

These evaluations are typically carried out when the first sample is produced.

Online inspections help save time for future corrections in the manufacture. You can save the essential time and extra resources necessary to make corrections by online inspections.

Pre-Shipment Inspections

Another principle of purchasing is to make payments before the product is inspected. Online inspections seem to be skipped by most buyers.

If there are no pre-shipment inspections, it may lead to payments for defective products. These inspections ensure a precise and faultless batch delivery by the manufacturer.

Many manufacturers tend to combine defective and good products. This raises the possibility that defective products will enter the marketplace.

The company cannot make return the transferred money. This inspection also guarantees the completion of the total number of products. When the inspection is carried out in China, the time and costs will be much smaller.

Inspection of pre-shipment must not be left out. These inspections will make sure that the batch is okay or needs to be changed. If it does not meet the requirements, the inspection team may recommend for remanufacture of the sample.

Loading Supervision

If the shipping containers are not carefully loaded, your time and resources will be wasted.

Your containers must be delivered carefully to the right cargo.

Therefore, loading supervision should be chosen as well. This will reduce the risk of the shipment being delivered to the correct cargo during loading.

How to Choose a Quality Control Company in China 2021

Some elements need to be evaluated when selecting a QC company in China –

Proper Certification

They should fully be authorized and qualified by the company you hire for quality control. The certification ISO 9001 is required for this. A QASIQ license may also be requested.

Professional Reporting

The company must be qualified in its industry and reporting also. Whenever you ask, they should report correctly and efficiently. Furthermore, they should report any problems with your QC checklist.

Variety of Control Services

A successful company provides many quality control services such as –

  • Inspection of pre-production
  • Inspection on-line
  • Inspection of pre-shipment
  • Loading container management and more.

The criteria can also be enhanced by environmental and social monitoring.


The company you are selecting for QC has to be a professional. There is no point in selecting people who do not have the experience you want in the field.

That is why selecting a company with the experience you want is important. In this way, they can deliver effective services for QC during production.

Understanding Requirements

The QC Company that you are recruiting in China should understand clearly what you want. They should agree on whatever you might be improved.

Easy Booking

Therefore, you need someone to book your services. You can also spend time communicating correctly.


Other criteria that are visible in QC companies are the upfront and reasonable costs.

You must ensure that you also get budget-friendly estimates when receiving quality inspections. The company that you select should be able to respond quickly to your needs within the contract.

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