Difference between plasma and laser cutting machine

The main difference between laser cutting and plasma cutting is the thickness of the cutting and, of course, the operating cost of the cutting.  The plasma cutting has the advantage of being able to cut thick plates at a low cost, but with a rough surface.  Laser cutting surface smooth, high precision cutting, cost than plasma cutting to be more expensive. The disadvantage of the plasma cutting is that the slit is large, about 3 mm. Plasma is the most important component of power, in fact, relative to the laser cutting machine laser, plasma power consumption is very large.

The plasma cutting is a kind of hot cutting equipment, the main working principle is that Compressed air is the main body HIGH-TEMPERATURE AND HIGH-SPEED PLASMA ARC as the heat source, will be cut metal local melting, and at the same time with high-speed airflow of molten metal blowing away, the formation of a narrow slit. The plasma cutting can cut stainless steel, iron, aluminum, copper and other metal materials, and cutting speed, cutting slit narrow, smooth incision. Plasma cutting is generally used in the construction, installation, and maintenance of mechanical and metal structures.

Laser cutting machine is the use of high-power and high-density laser beam scanning the surface of materials, in a very short time can be heated to thousands or even tens of thousands of degrees Celsius, the material can be melted or vaporized A high-pressure gas is then used to blow away molten or other material from the cut. Laser cutting uses an invisible beam of light instead of the traditional mechanical knife, laser cutting speed, smooth incision, generally do not need post-processing, cutting heat effect is small, small plate deformation.

Cutting accuracy of the difference, plasma cutting accuracy can reach 1mm, and laser cutting accuracy can reach 0.22 mm. In terms of cost, plasma cutting is cheaper than the laser cutting machine. In terms of machining accuracy, the plasma cutting is equivalent to rough machining, and the laser cutting is equivalent to fine machining.