Fiber laser pipe cutting machine

Fiber laser pipe cutting machine

Fiber laser pipe cutting machine principle

The fiber laser pipe cutting machine uses a fiber laser to output a high energy density laser beam and focus it on the surface of the pipe. The area on the tube irradiated by the ultra-fine focus light spot is instantly melted and vaporized. The spot irradiation position is moved by the CNC mechanical system to realize automatic cutting. It is high-tech equipment that integrates advanced fiber laser technology, digital control technology, and precision automated technology.

Fiber laser pipe cutting machine features

Low cost, laser power consumption per hour only 6-9 degrees; can be blown air cutting various metal sheets.

High performance imported fiber laser with stable performance and the service life of up to 100,000 hours.

High speed, away from the efficiency, cutting thin plate per minute speed up to dozens of meters.

Meager laser maintenance rates.

Good quality cutting edge with small deformation, smooth, and beautiful appearance.

Imported guide motor and servo motor, high cutting precision.

Can design a variety of graphics or text cutting, simple, flexible, convenient operation.

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Mechanical                            Parameter

Pipe Area Round Pipe: 20-200mm

Square Pipe: 20-140mm,Other sizes can be customized

Pipe Length 6000mm,12000mm, Other sizes can be customized
Max Loading Weight 3T
X Stroke 170mm
Y Stroke 6980mm
Z Stroke 260mm
W Stroke Rotation Axis

(high precision rack transmission)

Pipe Loading Time first pipe 60s for round pipe
from 2nd pipe continued loading within 30s
Y Axis Moving Speed 0.8m/s(48m/min)
Max Chuck Rotation Speed 120rpm
Max Cutting Rotation Speed 100rpm
Continuous Cutting Tailing 250mm
Min.Tailing 80mm
Cutting Table Mechanical Accuracy ±0.08mm
X、Y、Z Positioning Accuracy ±0.05mm/m
X、Y、Z Repeat Positioning Accuracy ±0.05mm
Max Single Pipe Loading Weight 290kg
Unloading Two Parts, for small pipe and long cutting
Side Door Moving height can be adjusted automatically
Layout(L*W*H) 12100mm×4950mm×2850mm
Power Parameter
Phase 3
Rated Voltage 380V
Frequency 50Hz
Power Consumption 30KW
Total Power Protection Level


Part Name & Description


Laser source Raycus and IPG,other brands can be customized Optional
Optical system Import Media diaphragm UK
Laser cutting head Quelle(without Auto   focus) China
Autofocus   optional
Reducer Shimpo Japan
Water chiller Over-flow protection,             temperature stability ± 0.5 ℃ Wuhan, China
Rack&Pinion Bevel type : ROR or Atlanta German
Guide Rail Hiwin Or PMI Taiwan
Button Module Schneider German
AC Contactor Schneider German
Solenoid Valve Airtec Taiwan
PC System Industrial control EVOC, Taiwan
X axis servo 750W Bus Servo Panasonic, Japan
Y axis servo 4000W Bus Servo Panasonic, Japan
Z axis servo 750W Bus Servo Panasonic, Japan
W axis servo 1000W for back chuck(Pneumatic) Panasonic, Japan
5000W for front chuck(Pneumatic)
Proportional Valve SMC(for O2) Japan
Control system Tubepro Friendess,China
PC Cyptronic, Bus CNC Friendess,China
I/O Card 136 points China
Table Strictly make table with   hardening, tempering and anealing treatment to ensure no deformation during   long time production QY, China

Design drawing


Can cut all kinds of metal plates and pipes, mainly used in stainless steel, carbon steel, manganese steel, galvanized steel, all types of alloy plates, rare metals, etc. Rapid cutting of materials.

They are widely used in kitchen appliances, sheet metal chassis, and cabinets, machinery and equipment, electrical equipment, lighting hardware, advertising signage, auto parts, etc. Display equipment, all kinds of metal products, sheet metal cutting processing, and other industries.

Performance Features:

Cutting sample by pipe laser cutter

Cutting material Stainless steel, carbon steel and other metal round tube, square tube, rectangular tube, angle iron, channel steel, I-beam and profiled tube.
Cutting thickness 1000W model can cut through 3mm wall thickness stainless steel pipe, 6mm wall thickness carbon steel pipe.
The 2000W model can cut through 6mm wall thickness stainless steel pipe, 10mm wall thickness carbon steel pipe.
Cutting size 3000mm, 6000mm and non-standard customization (Optional)

Service Specification


Provide technical advice and complete equipment documentation as required. Assist you in the design of laser processing solutions, taking into account technical feasibility: equipment exhibition hall for you to visit, proofing, and test machine.

The actual situation on-site helps you plan and design the production site, water, electricity, and gas equipment. Provide you with a full set of equipment operation manuals, before delivery to the equipment operators for basic laser theory, safety protection, and equipment maintenance training.

In your factory, the equipment operators will be trained in practical processing operations, equipment maintenance, and safety operations. To ensure that the equipment operating procedures and methods as soon as possible, the computer can independently use the machine for production. After installing and commissioning the whole set of equipment in the field, free warranty for one year from the date of acceptance. In the warranty period, the company will assign engineers and technicians to work on the equipment from time to time for special patrol and routine maintenance. We also provide services such as auditing and inspection and answering related questions.

Service commitment

The service response time is within 24 hours.

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