fiber laser cutting machine with Safety Cabinet

It is well known that fiber lasers have become one of the major industrial lasers in the world. Compared with semiconductor lasers, solid-state lasers, and CO2 lasers, fiber lasers have a share of more than 50% in the global industrial market.

Previously in the field of sheet metal processing mainly adopts punch and plasma cutting, of which use a punch for the thin plate, and thick plate using ion cutting. However, with the development of fiber laser technology, fiber laser cutting has a great impact on traditional processing technology and CO2 laser processing.

Compared with traditional punch machining, fiber laser is non-contact processing, the resulting stress is small, noise is low, can mass production of aluminum, copper and other high resistance materials, compared with CO2 laser processing, the electro-optic conversion efficiency of fiber laser is 40%, the power consumption is only 1/3 of CO2 laser, and the processing speed is 2~3 times.

In just 5-6 years, fiber lasers have a variety of technical advantages to set off a laser cutting technology change. Nowadays, the demand of fiber lasers is increasing, and the application fields are gradually penetrating into the basic fields such as automobiles, ships, and aerospace.

At present, China’s fiber laser market competition has become white-hot, IPG, Rofin, N light, and SPI still occupy most of the domestic market share, a rough estimate of about 5 million USD sales, occupy the fiber laser market two-thirds, of which the IPG is more than 4 million USD. Although the current IPG company in the global high-power fiber laser market share is still in the absolute leading position, the future, will not be IPG alone, because other laser industry giants through the acquisition of some fiber laser companies, has successfully entered the field of fiber lasers.

2016, US Coherent Company acquired High-performance industrial laser light source and laser solutions and device manufacturers Rofin, and Rofin previously acquired the U.S. special fiber manufacturers Nufern, Semiconductor laser Manufacturers Dilas and Sweden specialize in optical fiber products Optoskand Company. Thus, through mergers and acquisitions, coherent has formed a good vertical integration capability.

In addition, Germany Trumpf acquired the British fiber laser manufacturer SPI, British JK Laser Company, successfully entered the field of high-power fiber lasers; JDSU and Japanese metalworking machine tool manufacturer Amada to develop fiber lasers with a power up to 4kW US Nlight Company buys Finnish special optical fiber manufacturer Liekki. From this, it can be predicted that the high power fiber laser industry competition is getting worse.

China is the world’s largest industrial laser market, accounting for 24% of the global market, China’s large and small brands have more than 20. China’s major suppliers of fiber lasers include RAYCUS laser, Max Photonics Laser, sales of more than 70 million USD, the formation of two leading industry development. 80% of high-power fiber lasers are still mainly foreign brands.