How is fine plasma cutting machines?

Plasma power supply, divided into ordinary plasma cutting quality, fine plasma and kind of laser-plasma.

Plasma cutting plasma arc technology works by high temperature and high heat, the metal will be cut at local melt and the molten metal with a high airflow blowing away, forming a narrow kerf. CNC plasma cutting technology is a plasma cutting technology, inverter technology, CNC, plasma arc technologies based on computer control characteristics, power electronics and other subjects on the basis of common progress.

Above introduction to plasma cutting machines and CNC plasma cutting machine part and principle, next to introduce the common plasma cutting power supply advantages and differences with fine plasma cutting power supply:

1. General machine with plasma arc cutting power. According to main gas is mainly divided into oxygen plasma arc cutting, argon plasma arc cutting, plasma cutting, and air plasma arc cutting and other categories. Cutting current is below 100A, cutting thickness is less than 30mm. normal plasma power prices are much cheaper, have more burrs and adherent comparing to fine plasma, when customers purchase to understand themselves plus long range and accuracy requirements, representatives are Hypertherm and Thermal Dynamic.

2. Fine plasma arc cutting. Fine plasma arc current density is very high, often several times the normal plasma current density, due to the rotating magnetic field technology, which also improves arc stability and, therefore, it’s cutting accuracy is quite high. Fine plasma cutting surface quality has reached the lower limit of laser cutting, cost far less than laser cutting. Fine plasma price higher than normal plasma prices, but cheaper than a laser cutting machine.