Laser cutting machine at customers' factories

How To Do Daily Maintenance For Laser cutting machine?

a.Before starting the machine every day, carefully check working gas pressure and laser cutting gas. If the gas pressure is not enough, it should be replaced in time.  
b. Check status of X-axis zero point, Y-axis zero point, Z-axis zero point, laser preparation status and etc(check the indicator).  
c. Check zero point of X-axis, Y-axis,Z-axis, limit switch and mounting screw of collision block,limit switches of each axis. 
d. Check if the circulating water level in the chiller is sufficient. If it is insufficient, it must be added in time.
e. Check whether there is leakage in the circulating water path of the external light path, and the leak must be handled in time, otherwise the life of the optical lens will be affected.  
f. After daily cutting completed, check status of focus lens. 
g. Check status of external light path.  
h. After daily work completed, clean cutting scrap in time, clean work site, and keep work site neat and clean. At the same time, do a good job of cleaning the equipment to ensure that all parts of the equipment are clean and free of stains, and no parts can be placed in any part of the equipment. 
j. After daily work completed, open drain valve of air reservoir at the bottom of the air compressor to drain. After waste water is drained, close the drain valve. 
k. After daily work completed, press the shutdown procedure to shut down, then turn off the total power of the entire machine.