As a professional CNC cutting machine supplier in China, while selling quality CNC cutting machines. We also provide free technical consultation, cutting plans design, technical training, fitting supply, system upgrade, system maintenance, warranty service, commissioning and installation etc for our customers.

Presale Service

With years of experience in cutting machine development and manufacturing, we possess advanced laser cutting and plasma cutting technology. Besides, we have established excellent design, manufacture and R&D teams. In order to pursue better CNC cutting machine, we innovate in management and technical, improving the most advanced solutions for the production of all kinds of steel panels.

After years of development, we have built plenty of cutting plans for our customers. We can offer complete technical consultation on flame, plasma and laser cutting solutions for free! The presale service includes scientific, applicable, optimized plans, according to client’s specific needs and work site surroundings.

Sale Service

After confirming customers’ needs, our professional work team with rich experience will help you choose the right CNC cutting machine, based upon your specific situations and our advanced technique on cutting machines.

After ordering the right CNC cutting machine, our professional engineer team can help you on the installation, operation and adjustments to bring the CNC cutter into its best. If you order any CNC cutting machine from us, our professional engineer team can be sent to your place and offer assistance directly.

If you are a beginner in CNC cutting, our engineers can also provide guidance and training on the concerning cutting principles, cutting machine operation, and troubleshooting.

After-sale Service

During warranty period, if something is wrong with the cutting quality due to product material, design and manufacture we will provide free maintenance and parts for replacement. Given that some of the customers may be beginners, we will tailor an equipment maintenance scheme according to your actual demand. So that the machine efficiency can be largely increased, the service life of the machine can be lengthened and your business risk can also be greatly reduced.

SOHO CUTTING is dedicated to apply advanced cutting technique to our machines and provide high quality and cost-effective cutting machines. We provide comprehensive overhaul for the cutting machines, according to customers’ actual demand and products running situation. In conclusion, our complete international after sales service and numerous spare parts supply ensure convenience of cutting machine maintenance for our customers.