Introduction of laser-plasma cutting machine

Laser plasma cutting machine, with high precision CNC machine tool equipped with the world’s most advanced technology of Laser Plasma power supply system, which not only has the general characteristics of CNC plasma cutting machines but also with:

1, cut roughness Ra ≤ 12.5, vertical incision ≤ 2 °, cut quality reaches the lower limit of laser cutting quality.

2, cutting kerf width is about ordinary plasma 1/2.

3, cutting dimensional accuracy is one time better than conventional plasma cutting.

4, at the same thickness, laser-plasma cutting cut faster than laser cutting machine.

5, cutting thick plate, laser-plasma cutting has an advantage over laser cutting.

6, Laser Plasma power supply electrode and nozzle life far more than ordinary plasma power supply electrode and nozzle life, 5-7 times that of conventional plasma cutting.

7, equipment investment cost and running cost of laser-plasma cutting machine is just 1/4-1/10 of laser cutting machine.