PA8000 numerical control system

Using PA8000 numerical control system, PLC and motion control system -based on PC.

Main functions:

1, High-Speed High Quality

The optimized control algorithm, which can ensure that 1-micron resolution down to control the high speed of 1200 m/min. Handle up to 7200 per the second section of the procedures section, and can support the resolution of one-nanometer machining accuracy.

2, Multi-Channel And Multi-Axis control

Control shaft number up to 64, as well as perfect five-axis linkage and coordinate transformation function, can be complex multi-axis multi-channel coordinated control, suitable for all kinds of complex processing and control accuracy.

3, Intelligence and Network

HPA8000 with advanced open system design and powerful secondary development tool enables a self-developed proprietary applications and integration function, easy to customize their own interface and integration of third-party professional application software (CAM), for example, to meet the requirements of processing and intelligent and networking. HPA8000 provides a series of open software tools: circulation Compile software (Compile Cycles) allows users to customize their own special processing function; Visual Interface (PAVis) and Virtual human-machine Interface VMI (Virtual Machine Interface), the user can customize according to demand new human-computer Interface.

HPA8000 system configuration of a general network interface directly, has the powerful function of network connection, easy to realize remote monitoring and control, distributed network processing, make modern management possible

4, Advanced system architecture

All based on the advanced system architecture design, software operation focused on a single CPU, greatly enhance the capacity of the operation of the system, reducing the need for communication between modules, improve efficiency and ensure the system run efficiently.

5, Real-time control

Dedicated CNC real-time kernel with Windows operating system perfect combination, on the basis of the excellent numerical control system for real-time requirements, give full play to the Windows of friendly interface features, easy operation and use.

6, Advanced Regulation Technology

Adaptive control technology provides a feedforward function to achieve zero lag operation, even in the arc, spiral, and spline speed change to meet the requirements. ART program will make the compiler axis along the path to walk, and the real axis acceleration will be set to the directive. This technique automatically chooses the best parameters for each axis, then the compensation of these parameters in the operation process, eliminate servo lag in real time and suppress resonance interference caused by velocity changes, in order for all of the axis accelerate the realization of the trajectory of application requirements.

7, Adaptive Look Ahead 

HPA8000 “adaptive look ahead” can be in the real-time case, the pretreatment of hundreds of NC program, and can automatically according to the feed rate of the corresponding adjustment, deceleration control. Adaptive changes in the rate of reading ahead curve, as shown figure in the abscissa, is NC program, the vertical F execution speed. Use blue curve said G08 is not read ahead, so that each operation period of acceleration and deceleration must be enforced; Said G09 speed and the red curve is continuous change, it not only enhances the efficiency of the machine tool, also improves the machining surface finish.

8, Curvature optimization function

Curvature optimization function is: when you run the CAM software to generate NC program, no more than the limit of acceleration in case, the system will be the original short period of adjustment for the smooth transition of the corresponding curve, makes the motor in the short-term period of starting and end without obvious reduction (normally need to slow down to 0), so as to get a higher processing speed, and improve the surface finish.

In short, the system of “curvature optimization function” can make a lot of tiny straight line processing to achieve the best effect, better ensure the quickness, continuity, and stability of the machining process. At the same time, rapid HPA can complete all kinds of the real-time operating kernel, satisfies the requirement of quickness.

9, Friendly Man-machine Interface

Operators can choose through function keys six different operating modes, the menu type in easy operation.


PA8000 has the following features:

1, software protection function

Most modern processing system, the processing procedures are generated by CAD/CAM software, then partner network, storage, transmission in the system. Hence the virus problem often troubled PC – BASE type of CNC system. PA unique software protection function, can use when the phone is switched on again for 5-10 seconds automatically to restore and protect the hard disk, without any operation, the virus will not be able to in the whole processing engineering system disk, and customers often need to modify the machine parameters, PLC file is in virus intrusion system dedicated memory, so customers to use the system will be resumed after every boot to delivery when using the state of the machine tool, without having to worry about the virus.

2, the high automatic tuning function

Laser cutting system has the function of automatically adjustable high, need to have additional sensors to achieve. When cutting steel plate cutting head keep constant, the focal length of laser is to keep cutting head and the steel plate surface uneven, has raised, if have higher function automatically, in case of there is bump, cutting back automatically raise head, always maintain a constant distance, and obtain the stable cutting quality. Such function as compared with cutting head automatically adjustable high, system response and processing speed is faster than automatic processing cutting head is so obvious, and more stable.

3, Laser energy control function

According to the speed set by the operator/power function relationship curve, can accurately adjust the laser power to ensure that the size of the machine tool during deceleration in the case of different speed still can obtain corresponding optimal laser cutting power.

Mainly reflects in cutting corners, can slow down to reduce power, not paste Angle.

4, Breakpoint and power return function

Use PA8000 laser cutting system, has the power to return to function, makes the downtime or, when the power is in the process of laser cutting in the next after the restart, can according to the system before the power to run the program memory, return to interrupt position, restart for cutting, can prevent the workpiece scrapped

5, leapfrog function

Adopt leapfrog air travel time can be saved and improve production efficiency.

6, Automatic cruise boundary function

PA8000 system with functions of automatic cruise edge, according to the plate automatic adjustment of cutting path.

7, adaptive regulating function

Technology to regulate the adaptive feedforward “ART”, can make PA8000C type numerical control system which can adaptively adjust in real-time in the process of motion control, machine tool position control loop to achieve the optimal gain and best rigidity, “ART” adjust the zero-lag characteristics of technology, the machine has the smallest position servo lag error and the highest position servo accuracy.

It can guarantee fast cutting sharp corners change into rounded corners

8, Gantry axis function

Gantry axis function is one of the biggest advantages of PA, through the system gives instructions to Y1, Y2, Y1, Y2, according to the instructions to run the motorsports real-time feedback to the system, system adjustment, ensure the movement is consistent on both sides, such as Y1, Y2 out of sync, can the system set value, beyond the numerical alarm will appear.

9, flight cutting function

Open and close the laser light through kernel control, not cause delays.