IPG laser VS SPI laserIPG laser VS SPI laser

The laser device is the most important part of fiber laser cutting machine, IPG laser and SPI laser are the world’s most influential laser, although in recent years, domestic RAYCUS laser gets a little fame, there is still a lot of doubt to the product performance and stability. Therefore, the following laser analysis with you which is better for IPG laser and SPI laser.
The core of fiber laser cutting machine
IPG laser manufacturer IPG PHOTONICS founded in eastern Massachusetts, the US in 1991, is the world’s largest manufacturer of the fiber laser.IPG laser manufacturer IPG PHOTONICS have their own independent production and research and development base, and has sales outlets and after-sales service network all over the world, after 10 years of development in the United States listed on the NASDAQ stock exchange in 2006.
SPI lasers, the maker of SPI lasers was established in 2000, has been committed to the development of optical fiber LASER technology, and research and development in 2002 the first commercial fiber LASER.SPI laser manufacturers in the special optical fiber and optical fiber Bragg light from the land of the core technology and patent in the early days has been used in the manufacture of long-distance high-speed optical communication on optics, listed in London in 2005, in 2008 by the German manufacturing TRUMPF laser cutting machine (fast), after the brand strategy.
High-performance fiber laser cutting machine
IPG laser started earlier than SPI laser, and the brand influence is big, but in the performance of the two, both the quality of the products are guaranteed. IPG is the world’s largest manufacturers of laser in the global sales network and after-sales service network more than SPI in market share.