Old driver of Sheet Metal Industry tells you why he chooses Chinese fiber laser cutting machine

Why chooses China fiber laser cutting machine?


Mr.Wang owns a CO2 laser cutting machine and runs a sheet metal processing plant in Wuxi, Jiangsu Province. CO2 laser cutting machine has a long life, can not meet the needs of daily processing, processing costs are also high, Mr.Wang came up with the idea of buying a fiber laser cutting machine.

With many years of experience in the industry, he first considered buying a foreign brand of fiber laser cutting machine, which also represents a lot of sheet metal workers ideas. After all, the laser cutting machine imported from abroad, we also default foreign equipment in technology is more advanced. However, after investigating the products on the market, he unexpectedly found that in the laser cutting machine market, China laser cutting machine has caught up with the overall consideration of cost-effective but better than imported equipment.

Especially in the field of fiber laser, with the breakthrough of Wuhan Raycus and other companies, the domestic laser has broken the monopoly of foreign enterprises, China core is enough to counter foreign brands. On June 13, raycus Fiber Laser Co., Ltd. went public. This also indicates that the core technology of this Chinese laser equipment has been recognized by the whole market and has the strength to challenge foreign technology comprehensively. With this in mind, he came to Soho laser intelligent equipment industrial park, on the device for close observation and trial.

According to Mr. Wang said that he bought a laser cutting machine is mainly used for stainless steel and carbon steel processing, due to the large volume of business, processing speed and equipment stability requirements are higher. And in the experience of on-site inspection, sample, Mr.Wang witnessed the Soho laser cutting machine is no less than the processing strength of imported equipment. It is reported that his choice of 6000W laser cutting machine, equipped with a raycus 6000W laser, 600 holes per minute processing speed, a blink of an eye can complete several round hole processing, strong power. On the stability of the equipment, the use of digital design, machine tool life over 10 years, testing continuous cutting 127 Hours, cutting quality. After using it for a period of time, Wang said that the processing effect of the fiber laser cutting machine is more stable and accurate than that of the foreign brands he has studied, and the cutting speed is faster.

For all his advantages, Wang says, it was the price and service that ultimately determined him. He said, so many years in the industry, on a variety of sheet metal processing machine tools have been known, the price is much more favorable than foreign brands, which is the real temptation.

Fiber laser the cutting machine was invented in Euro and USA, and people prefer to buy laser cutting machine from well-known international brands, such as AMADA, Trumpf, Mazak and etc. But now Chinese enterprises studied advanced technology, that made Chinese fiber laser cutting machine’s performance is improved. Comparing to a big brand in the world, price is the biggest advantages.

Generally, China fiber laser cutting machine manufacturers have foreign enterprises technical support, so in terms of parts quality, no need to worry about it. China now and past, heavily invest national capital and technology in research of laser cutting machine, laser cutting machine manufacturers in China actually has no problem in manufacturing middle-end manufacturing equipment, somehow still need to import high-end equipment, and still need to import abroad key parts to complete the manufacture in China. Like IPG laser source, Japanese servo motor and etc.

Now China also has good laser power and laser control system suppliers, like RAYCUS, MAX PHOTONICS, CYPCUT and etc. CYPCUT from China has very good improvement in laser cutting system, auxiliary devices and etc. China is the world’s largest industrial laser market, accounting for 24% of the global market, China’s large and small brands have more than 20. China’s major suppliers of fiber lasers, sales of more than 70 million USD, the formation of two leading industry development.