Project Description

High precision CNC bench type metal sheet plasma cutting machine 

Main Feature: 

1. The machine adopts the structure of the gantry type and the crossbeam of net frame style. 

2. After precision machining of the surface, the crossbeam has good rigidity and high precision and excellent heat dissipation. 

3. The product is suitable for equipment with any kinds of CNC Systems. 

4. According to user’s requipment, assemble CNC flame single torch or linear triple cutting torch. 


Main technical parameter:

No. Item Unit Parameter
1 Track span mm 2000~2500
2 Track length mm 4000~8000
3 Transverse effective cutting mm 1500-2000
4 Longitudinal effective cutting mm 3000~7000
5 Longitudinal rails m Linear guides
6 No of torches set According to customers’ requirement
7 Cutting speed mm/min 0~6000
8 Traveling speed mm/min 0~18000
9 Torch lifting range mm 100
10 Plasma mm Depending on the plasma power supply


Cutting sample:

Cutting profile