Project Description

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Handheld laser welding machine, with a hand-held welding gun to realize welding, flexible and convenient, even for longer welding distance. You can overcome the limitations of the worktable welding, and easily complete the welding task for different workpiece sizes.

  • Especially suitable for the large workpiece, fixed position such as inside angle, outside angle, plane weld welding.
  • The heat-affected zone is small, the deformation is small, the welding depth is large and the welding is firm.
  • It is a new flexible welding process for long-distance welding of large workpieces.


Handheld laser welding machineAdvantages:

  1. Good laser beam quality with fast welding speed, the welding seam is firm and beautiful, brings high efficiency and perfect welding solution to you.
  2. Hand-held water-cooled welding torch, ergonomic design, flexible and convenient, longer welding distance, can be angle welding any parts of the workpiece.
  3. Small heat influence, less deformation, blackening, backtrace problem, welding depth, melting full, firm and reliable.
  4. High electric-optic conversion efficiency, low energy consumption, simple operation, and easy learning, ordinary workers can take up their posts after a short training, and professional welders have higher welding efficiency and more beautiful welding seam. Long-term use can greatly save processing costs.
  5. High Safety, the welding nozzle is effective only when touching the metal, and the touch switch is temperature-sensitive.
  6. It can realize welding at any angle and can weld the irregular shape of various complicated welds and large workpieces. To achieve any angle of the welding.


The hand-held laser welding machine needs to be held by you. Long working time will lead to fatigue, and it is disadvantageous to the welding of large-scale parts.


Handheld laser welding machine sample

Where do I need a hand-held laser welder?

  • Sheet metal, chassis and water tank
  • All kinds of hardware lamp
  • Door and window frame
  • Kitchen and washbasin type hardware
  • Billboard, advertisement, etc


  • It can be applied to the welding of various metals such as titanium, nickel, tin, zinc, copper, aluminum, chromium, bismuth, gold, silver, etc., and the same materials of steel, Kovar alloy, etc.
  • Welding of various dissimilar metals such as copper-nickel, nickel-titanium, copper-titanium, brass-copper, low carbon steel-copper.


PN 500W 800W 1000W
Power 500W 800W 1000W
Wavelength 1080nm
Beam quality 2.2M2
Modulation frequency 20KHZ
Environment Degree 5-40C/Humidity 10-90%
Failure rate ≤2%
Qualification rate ≥99.5%
Crop mobility ≥95%
hand-held welding head QBH/F100-200
Water tank volume 60L
Cryogen R22/2kg
Inlet and outlet High temperature 2-Rc3/8 internal thread, low temperature 2-Rc3/4 internal thread
System powered 220V±5%,50Hz Rated power: ≤5KW, rated current: ≤40A

How long can the hand-held laser welding machine work?

Handheld lasers can work ten years or more, but care needs to be taken to maintain them.

Good grounding: 

Equipped with automatic safety protection device, only correct and good grounding can make it work normally, to protect your personal and property safety, customers are strongly requested to provide good grounding conditions for the equipment. At the same time, the laser power supply and welding control systems are all controlled digitally by an industrial microprocessor. Only good grounding can ensure their normal and stable work.

Small voltage fluctuations: 

If the equipment power access point or very close to the place where there are high-power equipment, especially on the power grid will have a great impact on the power equipment, for example, high-power motor, argon arc welding machine, EDM machine and so on, it is recommended that customers with voltage fluctuation suppression function of the regulator.

Electrical Requirements:

Voltage fluctuations should not be too large, voltage fluctuations should not exceed 5% of the standard voltage, when more than 10%, equipment may not work properly, and the stability of operation will be reduced. I suggest you equip yourself with a voltage regulator.


Pure water generally requires a resistivity greater than 0.5 m. CM, after using for some time water resistivity will be reduced or water impurities, dirt, water turbid and other phenomena, will make xenon lamp light or pollution laser cavity and glass tube, so that the light efficiency will be reduced, at this point should be replaced immediately pure water (continuous use of the system once a week to replace the water).

Environmental Requirements:

Vibration Prevention: Because the laser welding machine light path part is very precise, if the laser welding machine working field has the vibration, easy to lead to the optical device to move, thus the laser output becomes weak, the spot quality becomes bad, even does not have the laser output the question, therefore, in the laser equipment work place, must pay special attention, the equipment installs the position not to be near the road edge, the bridge edge, or in the vicinity has the punch, the milling machine, the lathe, the Planer and so on heavy processing equipment, if must in such environment, it is necessary to take adequate measures to prevent vibration, vibration reduction.

Dust Reduction:

Because the laser equipment has many optical components, and precision electronic components, it is required to be installed in a dust-free environment

Ambient temperature:

4°C-Beyond Hypothermia. When the equipment is running, the environment temperature can not exceed the Beyond Hypothermia, because the laser power supply part, the power is very high, some power devices operating heat needs to be released on time, and the environment temperature is too high to lead to normal heat dissipation, will cause the entire system to work unsteadily, even damage. In winter, the need to prevent cooling water ice, because laser crystals, xenon lamps, spotlight cavity are filled with water, ice will directly lead to the damage of these devices. In winter, if the machine is not running for a long time, empty the water in the cavity; if the machine is restarted, add water first, turn on the power supply air switch, do not open the main machine first, only run the empty machine for 10 minutes, and wait for the water temperature to return to above 4 degrees Celsius before you turn on the mainframe. It is strongly requested that the equipment should not be used outside or in the case of low-temperature freezing, otherwise the equipment will be easily damaged

Ambient humidity:

No higher than 80%. Because after the welder power is turned on, the laser crystal will continue to be cooled by the cooling system, because the cooling water is generally lower than room temperature when the environment humidity is too high, and the laser crystal temperature is lower than room temperature, at this point, the two ends of the laser crystal will condense water mist, when the laser output, these water mist will greatly reduce the laser output energy, and these attached to the end of the laser crystal water, dry will leave traces on the surface of the laser crystal, which will greatly accelerate the aging of the laser crystal surface. Therefore, to prevent this situation, the water temperature of the chiller set, summer can not be lower than 3 degrees, winter can not be lower than 5 degrees.