Common problems and solutions in laser cutting

With the development and change of the times, laser cutting technology has been rapidly developed. Compared with the traditional cutting technology, although there are many advances, there are still a series of problems. Such as high costs, which undoubtedly also increases the production pressure of enterprises. Through research and investigation, it is found that the existence of some problems, to a certain extent, affecting the quality of the product cutting. For example, laser cutting cut through, sharp corners of

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CNC Punch Press

Full Servo Turret press, using a full set of servo stamping assembly, higher speed, more stable, quieter, more economic, more environmental protection, more energy-saving, simple maintenance, powerful functions. It is an essential production tool and machine tool for sheet metal processing and manufacturing enterprises. FEATURES: ALL-ELECTRIC SERVO punch, keep up with the international trend; Faster processing speed, lower use cost; Unique integral casting bracket structure. Advantages: High cost performance ratio; Durable; Easy operation, simple maintenance; Technical parameters:

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CNC Punch And Laser

MECHANICAL/SERV MPL / SPL Series all-in-one machine combines CNC punching machine with a CNC laser cutting machine, which makes up for their deficiencies in their respective processing fields. One programming, one clamping, one forming, the completion of the punching and cutting of the two procedures. More Labor-saving, more space-saving, and more cost-saving. Technical Parameter  

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Difference between plasma and laser cutting machine

Difference between plasma and laser cutting machine The main difference between laser cutting and plasma cutting is the thickness of the cutting and, of course, the operating cost of the cutting.  The plasma cutting has the advantage of being able to cut thick plates at a low cost, but with a rough surface.  Laser cutting surface smooth, high precision cutting, cost than plasma cutting to be more expensive. The disadvantage of the plasma cutting is that the slit is large,

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Transmission device used in CNC Cutting machine

 Transmission device used in CNC Cutting machineRIGHT TRANSMISSION WILL MAKE CNC CUTTING MACHINE MORE ACCURACY. Below we will introduce two transmission methods used in CNC CUTTING MACHINE.1. Gear TransmissionCompared with the synchronous belt, the gear reducer used in the feed transmission chain of NC machine tool is easier to produce low-frequency oscillation, so damper is often used to improve the dynamic performance. Gear transmission is a kind of mechanical transmission which is widely used. Almost all kinds of machine tools

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“Old driver” of Sheet Metal Industry tells you why he chooses Chinese fiber laser cutting machine

Why chooses China fiber laser cutting machine?   Mr.Wang owns a CO2 laser cutting machine and runs a sheet metal processing plant in Wuxi, Jiangsu Province. CO2 laser cutting machine has a long life, can not meet the needs of daily processing, processing costs are also high, Mr.Wang came up with the idea of buying a fiber laser cutting machine. With many years of experience in the industry, he first considered buying a foreign brand of fiber laser cutting machine,

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What if you are buying fiber laser cutting machine China?

Buying a fiber laser cutting machine is similar like buying a cars. Auto cars have main parameters, like maximum engine speed, maximum grade, acceleration time, fuel consumption per 100 kilometers, braking distance and etc. Our fiber laser cutting machines also have core parameters. So which core parameters will affect our choice? How to choose a laser cutting machine to make our inputs worthwhile? Below, we will tell you about it, mainly in four aspects: 1.Cutting accuracy: Cutting accuracy is the basis for selecting

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