Transmission device used in CNC Cutting machine


Transmission device used in CNC Cutting machine


1. Gear Transmission

Compared with the synchronous belt, the gear reducer used in the feed transmission chain of NC machine tool is easier to produce low-frequency oscillation, so damper is often used to improve the dynamic performance. Gear transmission is a kind of mechanical transmission which is widely used. Almost all kinds of machine tools have gear transmission. There are two purposes of using gear transmission in the Servo feed system of NC machine tools. One is to change the output of the servo motor with high speed to the input of the actuator with low speed and High Torque; the other is to make the ball screw and the rotary inertia of the worktable occupy a smaller proportion in the system.
In order to minimize the influence of the backlash on the accuracy of the gear numerical control, structural measures are often taken to reduce or eliminate the backlash error of the gear pair. Such as the use of double-gear stagger teeth, eccentric sleeve adjustment of gear pair center distance or the use of axial gasket adjustment method to eliminate gear backlash.

2. Synchronous Belt

The synchronous toothed belt drive is a new type of belt drive. It uses the tooth shape of the profile belt and the gear teeth of the belt wheel to transfer motion and power in turn, so it has the advantages of belt drive, gear drive, and chain drive, and has no relative slip, the average transmission is more accurate and the transmission accuracy is high. The toothed belt does not need special tension, so the load acting on the shaft and bearing is small, transmission efficiency is also high, now in CNC machine tools.

For a variety of applications. The toothed belt has high strength, small thickness, and lightweight, and can be used for high-speed transmission. The main numbers and specifications of the synchronous toothed belt are as follows:

1) Pitch-pitch is the distance between two adjacent teeth on the pitch line. Since the strength layer is constant at work, the centerline of the strength layer is defined as the pitch line of the toothed belt.
2) The modulus-the Modulus is the main basis for the calculation of the size of the toothed belt.
3) Other parameters-the other parameters and dimensions of the belt are basically the same as those of the involute rack.