Buying a fiber laser cutting machine is similar like buying a cars. Auto cars have main parameters, like maximum engine speed, maximum grade, acceleration time, fuel consumption per 100 kilometers, braking distance and etc. Our fiber laser cutting machines also have core parameters. So which core parameters will affect our choice? How to choose a laser cutting machine to make our inputs worthwhile?

Below, we will tell you about it, mainly in four aspects:

1.Cutting accuracy:

Cutting accuracy is the basis for selecting a fiber laser cutting machine. It refers to the contour accuracy of the cutting workpiece, not the static precision marked on the catalogue or brochure!

The difference between good machine and poor machine is the accuracy of cutting parts at high speed and the consistency of the workpiece when cutting at different positions!

2.Cutting efficiency:

Cutting efficiency is the core parameter for evaluating a machine’s return on investment(ROI). Cutting efficiency refers to the time it takes to cut a workpiece, rather than simply looking at the cutting speed! All parameters can be falsified, only the cutting time can not be faked!

The higher the cutting efficiency, the lower the running cost. It is a magic weapon to make money!

3.Maintenance costs:

At present, the biggest maintenance cost of laser cutting machine is mainly from the maintenance cost of laser!

Therefore, it is very important to choose a suitable laser. The main suppliers of mature high-power fiber lasers on the market are: US IPG, German Rofin, German Trumpf, China Raycus and Max Photonics.

However, the maintenance cost of each laser supplier is different.

4.Service life:

The service life is core cost-saving paramter for evaluating the machine. The longer service life, the lower depreciation expense.

The main factors that determine the life of a machine tool are as follows:

The rigidity of the machine tool, simply speaking, the heavier the tonnage of the machine tool, the better the rigidity!

The configuration of the machine tool, especially the brand and quality of the transmission device! Process manufacturing level, enterprise technology accumulation and inheritance of technical experience!